Ardglass Golf Course

With the almost ever-present wind capable of wreaking havoc from any quarter, the hard fairways and the small firm greens, it is just about impossible to play ‘yardage based’ golf on this links.

The Irish Sea, which can be seen from all 18 tees and greens, comes into play on no fewer than 8 holes.

Ardglass Golf Club is the home to the oldest building used as a golf club house in the world.  The present building started its existence as a fortified warehouse that operated as a safe haven for 15th century importers and exporters.  The initial construction of the castle started no later than 1405 and by the 18th century it was converted into a family home with a new extension being completed around 1788.  However, as the harbor was in use by the Norman Knight, Sir John De Courcy at the time of his invasion of Ireland in 1177, it is entirely possible that the clubhouse sits on the even earlier footings.

The Ardglass Golf Club and links began in 1896.  The first incarnation was a 7-hole layout. In 1907 it became a 9-hole links and was basically to remain for the next 60 years. In the late 1960’s it expanded to an 18-hole course.

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