Narin & Portnoo Links

Narin & Portnoo Links stands inspirationally on the West coast of Ireland, in a place steeped in ancient history & folklore. The area abounds with archeological treasures, like Pre-historical tombs and Bronze-age forts built four to five thousand years ago –older than Stonehenge– and regarded as some of the finest in Northwest Europe. The ancient Celts believed this was the ‘edge of the world’ – a powerful, spiritual place where the next stop was the Heavens.


Our logo captures this history by using an exquisite Bronze Age neck-piece crafted in gold called a Lunula, which dates back to 2000 BC was found in Narin, and is on display in the National Museum in Dublin.

Golf has been played on the links since 1905. Irish Times sportswriter Philip Reid says, “If you want links golf of the wild and rugged variety, nowhere –anywhere– comes close to matching this gem, hard by the Atlantic on Ireland’s north-western coast.” The rugged beauty is a synonym of the whole area around the golf course – the Irish County Donegal.

In 2018 the new owners hired Hanse Golf Design –an American based firm with a reputation for restoring some of the greatest Golf Courses in the world– to make the links better. They are dedicated to the proposition that golf courses are designed, restored and renovated “in the field” as opposed to solely on the drawing board. They create courses that are simple and elegant in appearance, yet sophisticated in strategy and design, with a level of detail and subtlety that is unsurpassed in the profession.

At Narin & Portnoo Links, you are –with each step and shot– treading through an extraordinary story and as custodians of this natural golf links it is our passion to make your visit truly memorable.

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