Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

In April 1890 it was reported that the idea of creating a golf club had been mooted and many gentlemen were anxious to join. By October 10th of the same year it reported that promoters of ‘Sandhills Golf Club’ had at last brought the project to light and that ‘This spring golfers might be plying their clubs at the newest and best links in Britain.’

Courtesy Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

A group of men met on the 12th February 1892 at the Union Club, Walmer, for the purpose of establishing a golf club at Deal and to issue a circular inviting gentlemen to become members. On March 1st Henry Hunter, a local man 33 years old, was appointed greenkeeper. This was the start of nearly 50 years service, both as greenkeeper and professional.

The Club assumed the Royal Title in 1910.

Royal Cinque Ports hosted the Open Championship in 1909 and 1920.

Since 1924, Royal Cinque Ports has been home every year to the Halford Hewitt Public Schools Championship which is the largest amateur tournament in the world.

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